You’ve worked so hard to get all these wonderful people together. We believe you deserve to enjoy it. That’s why we’ve gotten very good at doing our job very quickly without sacrificing quality. You’ll get all the photos that matter to you and look great in every one, but we won’t take forever to shoot them. We know how to get the best shots possible in the least amount of time so you can get back to the party sooner and still love every photo in your album.

Have more time to celebrate!

We don’t take yearbook pictures! Your images will look natural...not posed. You’ll actually look like you, personality and all. When you look back on your wedding collection, you’ll feel happy and comfortable with what you see.  

You'll look like you!

“Don’t look! The photographer’s coming!” These are five words we never hear from our clients because we work hard to stay out of sight and only pull you away for the minimum amount of time needed to get the photos that really matter to you. And when you do need to be in front of the camera, we’ll help you relax and make the whole process fun so it feels like a part of the celebration, not a distraction.

we make it fun!

The experience

We provide exceptional wedding photography for couples who want a collection they will cherish for life. Our wedding collections and albums showcase your legacy and are family heirlooms that increase in value every year. All of our collections include two photographers, the first ten (10) spreads a custom designed, handmade wedding album, and a USB drive with full-resolution digital copies of all edited images.  

We also offer engagement sessions, save the date sessions, and bridal sessions.  

Eloping? We would love to jet off to your favorite romantic place with you for your intimate experience.

Our bags are packed and our passports are current. We’re all in for your destination wedding!

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Our services

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This might surprise some, but the consultation is, perhaps, the single most important part of the wedding photography experience. It is here that we really learn about you and the vision you have for your wedding collection. We want to know what is most important to you so we can give you a collection that is cherished and truly represents who you are. For those in the Austin area, we do consultations at our home studio. It's cozy and quiet and really provides us all with the opportunity to spend some time getting to know each other. For those who don't live in Austin, we are happy to schedule a time that is convenient for you for a video consultation (you can even stay in your pajamas for this meeting).  

consultation with tony + elena

We LOVE engagement sessions! It is a great opportunity for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Once the wedding day comes, being in front of our cameras will be second nature. On a more personal level, engagement sessions provide you with something that your wedding day collection does not: a beautiful collection of images that really represent who you in your own clothes, at your own chosen location, and full of your own personality. Without the formality of the wedding day, we can really focus on showcasing who you are and the love you have for each other! Be prepared...there will be lots of laughing, hugging, and kissing. If you don't like these things, an engagement session might not be for you.

your engagement session


Bridal sessions are a special moment in the wedding experience. Brides often spend over a year planning their wedding. Okay...that's not exactly right. Brides often spend their entire lives planning their weddings. Finding the venue. Invitations. Vendors. Hotels. Dresses. There are 1,000 things that have to be done before the wedding. Here's what makes the bridal session so special: in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, once the majority of the planning is done, you have the opportunity to spend an afternoon taking in everything that you have worked so hard to put together. Without the rush of the wedding day, we have the opportunity to spend a few hours together taking beautiful portraits of you in your wedding dress.

the bridal session


Our main focus on the wedding day is simple: we want you to have the time of your life celebrating! All the planning is done. All of your closest friends and family have gathered to celebrate your wedding. Take it all in! Enjoy the moment! We will be there capturing everything that goes one, providing instruction when it's needed and being invisible when it isn't. You can relax knowing that you don't have to spend a single second worrying about pictures. We've got this covered!

your wedding day


After your wedding, sleep in! Don't plan anything! Go on a honeymoon! Enjoy life and your new titles of husband and wife! While you're taking a well deserved break, we will be working hard to make your collection perfect. Using our proprietary editing techniques, we will meticulously go through every single image you receive in your collection. Each image will be color corrected and edited to ensure that everything is beautiful from the first image to the last. Once your collection is ready, we invite you to our home for your 'Reveal Meeting'. At this meeting you will see your images for the first time and we will also finalize your wedding album. This meeting typically takes two to four hours. Don't worry. We'll have snacks and lattes.

the reveal meeting


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