Kaitlyn and Ty’s Texas Old Town Wedding

Kaitlyn and Ty are just about the sweetest thing we’ve come across in a very, very long time!  Elena and I have so enjoyed getting to spend time with these two wonderful people during their engagement process.  We got to take their engagement pictures (which were super cute).  A few months ago we got to spend another evening with Kaitlyn for her bridal session (stunning…absolutely stunning).  And, their wedding day at Texas Old Town was just perfect!  So much work was put into the day by so many people.  It was so cool to see everyone’s efforts pay off.  The hall was decorated beautifully and everything about the day was just perfect!  Our day with Kaitlyn and Ty was filled with smiles and tears and laughter and sighs.  We are so honored that they chose to share this little part of their journey with us!

Kaitlyn and Ty, we are so happy for you both.  Kaitlyn, your hugs and your laughter are always so genuine.  Elena and I both love you and your family!  Ty, your smile and respectful demeanor are such a great example for others.  We’re so glad that Kaitlyn brought you along to this party!  🙂  We wish you both many years of laughter on the front porch and many evenings of riding off into the sunset together.  Ya’ll are our favorite rodeo people…ever!

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