Central Texas Elopement | Samantha and Ethan

When Samantha and Ethan first contacted us about shooting their elopement, we were so excited!  Elena and I have never had the opportunity to be part of an elopement and we were so interested to shoot one.  And we can’t think of a better couple to start with than Samantha and Ethan.  They were so much fun and so personable.  We loved spending an evening with them!  To be honest, not having done an elopement before, we were a bit nervous about the afternoon.  But, we only needed about 30 seconds with Samantha and Ethan to see that we were going to love every minute of the experience.
Samantha and Ethan were so helpful leading up to the day.  I had multiple conversations with them about their vision and expectations for their day.  It was so great that they knew who they were as a couple and had such a great understanding of what they wanted their pictures to look like.  Samantha and Ethan chose a super cute and eclectic bed and breakfast in Wimberley, TX.  There were so many cool little places and details for pictures.  It fit their wedding vision so perfectly.
From the second we arrived, Samantha and Ethan made us feel like old friends.  We spent some time getting pictures of various details of the day and a few shots of Samantha and Ethan getting ready.  Once everyone was dressed, it was time to get started.  The private ceremony was such a neat change of pace for us.  It was a beautiful moment and we’re so glad that we got to be a part of it. After the ceremony, we were racing the sun to get as many pictures as possible before it got dark outside.  We had so much fun with the newlyweds walking around the property taking all kinds of cute pictures.  Samantha and Ethan have such great personalities and we really enjoyed capturing their personalities and their love for each other.
Samantha and Ethan, thank you so, so much for being our first elopement!  Thank you for being so cute and fun.  We wish you both many years of love and happiness together!

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