Fredericksburg Winery Engagement Session | Caitlin and Kevin

Elena and I had been looking forward to Caitlin and Kevin’s Fredericksburg winery engagement session for quite some time.  Prior to their engagement session, I had spoken with them several times via video chat.  Every time we spoke, my cheeks hurt afterwards from smiling and laughing.  They are both so much fun!  We really appreciated that both Caitlin and Kevin were so excited about their engagement session and that they really took our advice about how to have a great engagement session to heart.  And the results are awesome!!!

We started our day at Barons Creek Vineyard.  It was such a cool place with a very Mediterranean feel.  There were lots of places for cute pictures of Caitlin and Kevin…and their precious puppy dog!!!  After Barons Creek, we made our way over to Grape Creek Vineyard.  Grape Creek was cool because they gave us the chance actually go out in the vineyards for a few shots.  A bottle of wine was the obvious (and perfect) prop for some of these pictures.  It was so much fun just roaming around with Caitlin and Kevin and taking pictures at every little cute place we found.

After the vineyards, Elena and I had a few more pictures that we really wanted.  Caitlin and Kevin are such a cute couple and we just weren’t ready to let them go!  We found a little road that had the perfect setting for a few more pictures.  The sun was setting behind the big oak trees and the lighting was just what we love!  We took a few more pictures with our camera and then we even had time for a few pictures with our drone.  We were so thankful that Caitlin and Kevin were willing to let us play with our new toys for a few minutes.  We loved the pictures we got!

We can’t wait for Caitlin and Kevin’s wedding.  It’s going to be so much fun!  We’re so glad that we get to see Caitlin again for her bridal session.  Maybe she can bring Kevin along…blindfolded, of course.  🙂  They are just so fun to talk and laugh with.

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