Gardens of Cranesbury View Wedding | Val and Zach

Amy Collins, the owner of Gardens of Cranesbury View, has put together such a wonderful and unique venue!  We are always thrilled when we get a chance to visit her little piece of the hill country.  We’re even more thrilled when our visit includes a couple as fun and sweet as Val and Zach.  What a pleasure it was for us to spend the day with these two and their families!  From the moment we arrived, we were smiling and laughing with Val and Zach.  Zach literally danced down the aisle and it was the perfect start to their beautiful ceremony.  After the ceremony, we spent a few minutes with family and then it was our favorite part of the day…couple’s pictures.  At Gardens of Cranesbury View, there isn’t a single bad spot for pictures.  In fact, the hardest part of the day is saying, “Okay, we have enough pictures.”  I feel like we could just shoot and shoot.  And, of course, Val and Zach’s pictures are just amazing!

Val and Zach’s reception was a party from start to finish.  It was so awesome watching everyone dance and celebrate together.  It seemed like time flew by and before we knew it everyone was lined up outside sending the couple off with sparklers.

Thank you, Val and Zach, for letting us share in your special day.  Elena and I had such a great experience and wish you love and happiness for many, many years!

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