Terrace Club Wedding | Hillary and Steve

We are so glad that we had the opportunity to spend such a fun evening with Hillary and Steve!  We enjoyed their engagement session so much and were definitely looking forward to their wedding.  Hillary is simply one of the sweetest people we know!  And, Steve is so kind and laidback.  Their personalities complement each other so well…and on top of that they are cute as can be!  The Terrace Club is such a beautiful venue and the staff there always does everything perfect.  It was the perfect place for Hillary and Steve’s wedding.  We had so many opportunities throughout the day to capture amazing moments with Hillary and Steve and their friends and family.  Hillary and Steve decided to go with a band for the reception and their guests all had such a great time!

Thank you, Hillary and Steve, for letting us share in your special day!  Elena and I had a wonderful time and wish you many, many years of love and happiness together!



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