Texas Old Town Wedding | Arely and Shane

If there’s a couple that’s cuter than Arely and Shane, we haven’t seen them yet!  Elena and I had such an awesome time celebrating with these two lovebirds!  Their wedding at Texas Old Town was so simple yet so perfect.  They didn’t spend any time or energy on things that weren’t important to them.  Instead, they designed their day around what they really wanted…great pictures!  And, who are we to complain about that?  🙂


The first time we spoke to Arely we had a wonderful conversation.  We had just finished a bridal session and she called while we were driving home.  Arely kept us company for the whole ride home, but there was never really a moment where it felt like a “business” call.  We talked for an hour and a half like we were old friends excited about planning a wedding.  It was so great being so comfortable with her from the very beginning.  Shane wasn’t part of that conversation because he was deployed at the time…in Italy!  As it turns out, both Arely and Shane are officers in the Air Force.  We do lots of weddings where either the bride or groom is in the military and we’re always excited to be part of military weddings.  But, it isn’t often that both the bride and groom are military.  Arely and Shane met during ROTC and, I’m certain, immediately became the cutest couple in the military!


Arely and Shane chose Redbud Hall at Texas Old Town as their reception venue.  We’ve done so many weddings at Redbud Hall.  In fact, we’ve done more weddings at Redbud Hall than any other venue anywhere!  For us, going to Redbud Hall at Texas Old Town is like going home.  One of the things that we love so much about Texas Old Town is how green and lush the grounds are.  They do such a great job of keeping everything clean and beautiful.  Arely and Shane really wanted to take advantage of all the foliage in their pictures…and we thought that was a great idea!  We took so many beautiful pictures of Arely and Shane and there is one main reason why we were able to do so: they gave us so much time to take pictures!  Lots of couples tell us that pictures of the bride and groom together are important.  Arely and Shane told us the same thing.  But, they went one step farther and made sure we had plenty of time to produce amazing pictures.  Because they decided to do a first look (which was super sweet), we had an hour of time before the ceremony just for pictures of Arely and Shane.  That hour is more than we usually get with the bride and groom for the entire wedding day.  But, just to make sure we got plenty of great shots, we got ANOTHER HOUR after the ceremony!!!  We had time to go all over Texas Old Town to get pictures in all kinds of settings.


Arely and Shane were also blessed with amazing “photography” weather.  No direct sun.  No wind.  No rain.  There was just this magical light everywhere we looked.  It was awesome!  And then, as if the day wasn’t good enough, the clouds broke right at the end of our photography session and we got some cool pictures with the sun flaring in the background.  And then, as if the day wasn’t good enough with clouds and no wind and no rain and then sun at the end, Arely and Shane were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve seen at a wedding (and that’s really saying something because we’ve seen some pretty amazing sunsets).  Elena and I were blown away by their sunset pictures…and that’s really saying something.


Arely and Shane, what a wonderful, wonderful day!  Thank you so much for choosing us to be your photographers.  Thank you trusting us with your wedding pictures.  Thank you for being so kind and so fun.  Last but definitely not least, thank you so much for giving us the time we need to produce a wedding collection that you will cherish for the rest of your lives and will pass on with pride to future generations.  We wish you both many years of love and happiness together!

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