Mercury Hall Wedding Photographer | Natalie and Paul | Weddings by Tony and Elena

Austin Wedding Photographer | Mercury Hall Wedding Photographer | Weddings by Tony and Elena

Austin Wedding Photographer | Mercury Hall Wedding Photographer | Weddings by Tony and Elena

As an Austin wedding photographer, Natalie and Paul’s Mercury Hall wedding was one of our favorites…ever!  It felt so little like a formal, stuffy wedding and so much like a gathering of really close friends and family.  The venue was cute.  Natalie and Paul both looked amazing and their guests were all equally beautiful!  In short, it was a photographer’s dream come true.  On top of all of that, Natalie and Paul are two of the kindest people we’ve met.  It just doesn’t get any better!


The weather was…well…a bit unpredictable.  Natalie and Paul decided to do a first look and everything was just perfect.  Right before the ceremony started, it began to rain a little.  But then came our favorite part of the day.  All of the guests were seated outside.  Paul was waiting for Natalie at the alter.  Natalie starts to walk down the aisle with an umbrella to keep her dry.  But, she took about five steps, looked at Paul and smiled, and then just tossed the umbrella aside.  Natalie walked down the aisle with a huge smile under the light rain.  It was such a sweet moment and so awesome to see Natalie completely relax and just allow herself to get such great joy out of her and Paul’s day.  No drama.  No tears.  No stress.  No worry.  Just joy and love!  It was amazing!  Dinner was provided by an Austin icon, Torchy’s Tacos.  People danced and laughed.  Our photo booth was on hand…and busy all night!  It was an awesome celebration!


Natalie and Paul, we love your pictures so much.  Thank you both for working so hard to get pictures that you will love.  Thank you for being part of the photography process and not just passengers on a ride.  Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zones a bit.  Your pictures are just perfect and we’re so pleased that we got to be your photographers.  We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness together!



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