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Sekrit Theatre and McKinney Falls Engagement Session | Courtney and Quinton

Austin Wedding Photographer | Courtney and Quinton’s Engagement Session

Austin Wedding Photographer | Weddings by Tony and Elena

Courtney and Quinton are such a fun couple and we immediately developed a great rapport with them during their consultation.  At one point during our first meeting, they both made it very clear that they wanted a spot on our wall in our studio.  Elena and I both laughed and said, “Okay, we’ll see.”  They told us that they were serious so I told them that there was a very simple way to make it onto the wall…they had to be really cute!  A few days before their engagement session, I reminded Courtney that they would have to work hard if they wanted a place on our wall.  Courtney told me not to worry about a thing.  She had this locked down.  As soon as we saw Courtney and Quinton on the day of their engagement session, Elena and I both knew that Courtney had been 100% right!  We also knew that Courtney and Quinton would, indeed, be on the wall in our studio.  🙂

During their consultation, we talked a lot about the importance of outfit choices for their engagement session.  And, we are so glad we did!!!  Courtney and Quinton listened to (and followed) our advice and Elena and I are just blown away with how beautiful their engagement pictures are!!!  But, it’s not just their outfits that make the pictures so great (even though Quinton looked super sharp and Courtney was simply stunning in her dress).  Their pictures are so full of personality.  Courtney and Quinton’s smiles are so genuine and their demeanors are so fun and laid back.  It was such a joy for us to spend the evening with them because they are two of the sweetest people we know.  We can’t wait to spend their wedding day with them.  I bet our cheeks will be hurting from smiling so much!

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