Cypress Falls Event Center Wedding | Jamie and Chris

Jamie and Chris are awesome!  They were determined to make their Cypress Falls Event Center wedding the best day ever and that is exactly what they did.  What an awesome celebration of love, life, joy, friends, and family!  And, we are so glad that we got to be part of it!

We arrived at Cypress Falls Event Center and started taking pictures immediately.  The girls were busy getting ready.  The guys were busy trying to sew a button back on Chris’ suit jacket.  And…it was raining outside.  It was raining and it wasn’t going to stop raining.  Just a slow, steady drizzle.  But, Jamie and Chris are such awesome, positive people that they weren’t going to let a little drizzle ruin their day.  We found a covered spot for first look pictures.  Jamie and Chris are such a cut couple.  Every picture we took of them was beautiful!  And, somehow, the drizzle let up long enough for us to make our way over to the bridge and take some pictures.  As soon as we finished, it started raining a little heavier.  We were able to get under cover and finish up wedding party and family pictures.  The ceremony took place outside under the huge oak trees and the rain just made it all the more romantic.  Dinner was inside and everyone was treated to an awesome spread.  After dinner, everyone moved back outside and enjoyed dancing in the drizzle to great music from a live band.  Jamie and Chris left under sparklers to cheers from their friends and family.

Thank you, Jamie and Chris, for being so, so awesome!  Thank you for having just the best attitudes in the world.  And, thank you for sharing your special day with us.  We wish you both many, many years of love and happiness together!




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